Why you should consider moving IT related services to cloud

One of the core demand of the business owners is to reduce operational cost while maximizing efficiency and profitability. It is well known that in this era of information age ,IT services has become the heart of business operations. Poor IT services can result into poor efficiency of business operations as well as profitability. In


Asset Management has now become very essential part in business operations. Try to imagine how significant it will be if you have complete awareness of your asset including number, status, location, ownership and many more information. All of these can be accomplished by on the best asset management solution namely – Fléx Asset. Briefly , Fléx Asset has

Future of cloud computing

As the technology continues to evolve, Cloud computing has now become popular in today’s business world. Both SME and large enterprise and making the huge shift into the cloud. We still need to ask these questions before making a decision to move your data in the cloud. Is the cloud computing technology secure…? what is