Future of Work

As the world is still in COVID 19 crisis while many countries have decided to adapt to new living and working style so as to not affect productivity , a lot of us keep asking , what will be the future of work, how will new working modal affect my job either directly or indirectly..!

Is 5G technology really going to be a breakthrough

5G technology is simply a fifth generation in cellular network communication and considered to be the fastest network ever. With the transmission speed of about 100Gbs in non – mobile devices and 110Mbs  in supported mobile devices, this technology is considered to become a breakthrough as far data transmission is concerned. Since we are now

Why you should consider moving IT related services to cloud

One of the core demand of the business owners is to reduce operational cost while maximizing efficiency and profitability. It is well known that in this era of information age ,IT services has become the heart of business operations. Poor IT services can result into poor efficiency of business operations as well as profitability. In


Asset Management has now become very essential part in business operations. Try to imagine how significant it will be if you have complete awareness of your asset including number, status, location, ownership and many more information. All of these can be accomplished by on the best asset management solution namely – Fléx Asset. Briefly , Fléx Asset  includes 

Future of cloud computing

As the technology continues to evolve, Cloud computing has now become popular in today’s business world. Both SME and large enterprise and making the huge shift into the cloud. We still need to ask these questions before making a decision to move your data in the cloud. Is the cloud computing technology secure…? what is